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Superkrane Buy 21 Units of Crane Kato For Infrastructure Development

by Sebastianus Epifany Monday, September 18, 2017 - 09:40

JAKARTA - PT Superkrane Mitra Utama is strengthening the company's fleet lifting equipment or cranes by purchasing 25 units of rough-terrain cranes and truck cranes which produced by Kato Works Co.'s Ltd. from Japan. These new units are prepared to support the strategic Infrastructure development program of the Indonesian Government.

"Superkrane fully supports the Infrastructure development program that is now being intensively implemented by the government. As one of the largest providers of lifting equipment in Indonesia we have reliable and experienced human resources to handle even the most complex projects," said Yafin Tandiono Tan, President Director at Superkrane in a press release.

Superkrane in recent years has worked on various strategic infrastructure development projects in Indonesia by using Kato cranes. Superkrane has also expanded its wings as a contractor for plant construction and processing facilities.

Linayati Sukardi, Director of Marketing & Operations at Superkrane explained that lifting activities are one of the most dangerous construction activities. To ensure project success and safety, reliable tools, trained human resources, and careful planning are required.

"Superkrane has successfully supported many strategic development projects such as flyover construction, LRT, airports, oil processing facilities, petrochemicals, and so on," she added.

Commenting on this partnership, Adrianus Hadiwinata, President Director of Multicrane Perkasa explained, "We give our greatest appreciation to Superkrane who has given great trust to Multicrane Perkasa and the Kato cranes that we distribute. Kato has been recognized as one of the best crane producers in the world and Multicrane Perkasa is committed to providing the best after sales service to its customers."

"Roughter Kato type SR-700L is one of our best sellers and Truck Crane NK-600 RX is the latest model that we just launched this month. Both models are well suited to supporting Superkrane in infrastructure development projects that are currently being implemented," Adrianus revealed.

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