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Based on Survey, Millenial Generation Optimistic Able to Buy House

by Sebastianus Epifany Tuesday, January 30, 2018 - 15:22

JAKARTA - Positive property market conditions received a good reception from the millennial generation. They are optimistic about the plans to buy a house in the next six months. This is evident from the results of a survey conducted with Intuit Research which shows that the millennial generation has the optimism to buy a dream home. Property Affordability Sentiment Index H1-2018 shows that as many as 63% of respondents said they planned to buy a house within the next six months. Of the total respondents who are optimistic to buy a house, 44% comes from the age group 21-29 years, or young millennial. While the other 35% comes from the old millennial, age group 30-39 years.

Marine Novita, Country Manager of stated that the survey shows the higher the age, the smaller the plan to buy a home. This is because the older age groups already have homes or they already have many dependents, so the costs incurred for everyday needs are quite large, making them have to think twice if they have to take a home mortgage.

"Therefore, millennial generations should immediately take the decision to buy a house, the younger the age when buying a house, the better it will be. Buy a house when not yet many dependents," explains Marine Novita as reported by (30/1 / 2018).

Marine added that as the leader of the online property market in Indonesia has always taken an active role to know the current condition of the property industry in Indonesia. Property Affordability Sentiment Index H1-2018 Survey is intended to find out the market response from the demand side. Property Affordability Sentiment Index H1-2018 is a periodic survey held twice a year by in cooperation with research institute Intuit Research, Singapore. The results of this survey were obtained based on 1,020 respondents from all over Indonesia conducted in July - December 2017.

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